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Miss Godwin's Music Class

Welcome to Miss Godwin's music class 2019-2020. I am entering my seventh year of teaching, my fourth year as an elementary music teacher. Before that, I taught junior high band for three years. This will be my second year at Deepwater Elementary school and I could not be more excited for what the future of this school year holds for me and the students. It's going to be a fun and fantastic year. I am looking at trying some new things in the classroom that I did not do last year and I cannot wait to see how the students respond. I am hoping they will enjoy it as much as I think they will. I am very passionate about teaching music to students because I find it to be such an important skill for them. Music does so much more for students than people might realize and utilizes parts of the brain that other subject areas do not. So, while it is a fun place to be and a "break" from their normal "core" classes, there are important things to be learned in my classroom to prepare them for choir or band at Deepwater JH. It is my goal that all students feel safe both physically and emotionally in my classroom and feel safe expressing themselves during our activities together while still learning the important fundamentals of music.  
A little more about me:
I am a clarinet player but can also play a little flute, piano, oboe and saxophone. I LOVE everything to do with pigs and have been collecting all things pigs since I was a teenager. I don't know why or how my collecting of them started but I'm still going strong with collecting. I am an avid animal lover and love animals of all kinds. I have 3 cats named Archie (5 yrs), Figaro "Figgy" (10 months) and Stewie (12 weeks). I also LOVE French Bulldogs and hope to own one some day when I have a house with a yard. I traveled a lot as a child and have been to probably 38 of our 50 states as well as nearly all of the Canadian provinces. The farthest or coolest place I have traveled to would probably be the Cayman Islands. I love the beach and it was such an amazing vacation. I would also have to say that Yellowstone National Park would be my favorite U.S. destination. The wildlife and scenery there was a photographer's dream. The one place I absolutely want to go to is Italy! It has been a dream of mine for a long time. I truly hope I get to see many places in Europe before my time on Earth is done. I used to volunteer at a habitat/rescue for horses and am hoping to find time to do that in the near future because I miss the tranquility and joy that it brought me to be near those majestic creatures. I would also love to find time to play in a local orchestra because I miss playing music in an ensemble. I have also contemplated trying out for the Houston Symphony Chorus because I absolutely love to sing. I am intrigued by true crime shows and also love shows like The Voice, America's got Talent and American Idol. Thanks for reading all about me!