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Campus Activities

Mother Nature isn’t going to ruin our field day!
DPISD Special Services Field Day
Mrs. Collins' class is prepping the sidewalks for STAAR tomorrow!
3rd Grade STAAR-lympics
4th Grade Sports STAAR Review
Deepwater Cougars are celebrating Cino de Mayo and working hard preparing for STAAR!
Mrs. Collins' classes matching text to themes and pitching for homeruns!
Welcome to Cougar Stadium where our 4th graders are prepping for STAAR!
Calling all former DWE Cougars in the graduating class of 2021!
Our amazing staff spent the afternoon handing out 180 cases of dairy and meat along with 5,415 pounds of produce! We love our DWE community!
Students in Deepwater Elementary’s structured learning special education class celebrated Earth Daylast week by cleaning up the area around the playground.
According to teachers Heather Schneider and Sandra Salazar, their students have been learning how to keep our planet healthy and clean.
“Our lessons have included reduce, reuse, and recycle; natural resources; and protecting our planet, among other related topics,” Schneider said. “We were able to give our students a hands-on opportunity to be a part of the solution.”
The Floor is Lava!
April 22 - DWE cleanup and ukulele playing!